CSF setting required ///// urgent

I would like to block port 25/587/465/2525 ( SMTP ports ) from everywhere except my country ( India)?

NOTE - PORT 80 & 443 from everywhere.

I am looking for block access so that no one can access the server for spamming.


While it is possible to do this, your vps/server will crawl to a halt due to the sheer amount of cidr in each country, i will not be irresponsible and guide you further into this, try to a strike a deal with your upstream to make use of hardware firewall to do this since i assume you are a reseller.

Thanks @Numeriku.

Any way/method which secure server 100% from spamming?

1 ) PHP mail function disabled on the server
2 ) SMTP_Block is enabled and only required users having SMTP access.

What else required to protect mail server / postfix ?