Crontab keep sent me email

is that normal ?

getting those email every 1m-3m

Probably not…

oh my gods…

btw what is that ?

Is this the default email for your account?

Please show results of
crontab -l


this is the first time i see crontab sending my mail
i just install the server and i dont check email when it start. but after i add my primary domain
i took my coffee when i back… 12++ email… with same “email body” some of them i have already deleted …

but it’s the email already stop now…
this is the first time i install cyberpanel and got this things…
is cyberpanel have minor update ? perhaps it’s a glitch ?

Is your lsws service restarting every time too? If so that might star affecting on your website visitors too.

what do you mean with “everytime” ?

it should be start/restart with timer / not start ? or what… ?
how to check when lsws last restart/start/stop ?

i just install using the installer… no extra config or manual configuration

That your email says something about restart lsws if everytime you get email server automatically restart lsws it might make problems if visitor load page same time when litespeed restarting.

Have you check can you see anything in error logs?

the fact is: i do not do any extra configuration, after installation finish, reboot… no custom config etc etc