Critical problem with backup space

Hi, I’m having a big problem with my backups, I’ve had it disabled for a few weeks.
My disk is 90% used, only one site consumes 42GB of it.
When the system is going to generate the backup, it generates a .zip of public_html then generates the database dump and then generates another .zip of everything…
With that my HD explodes because only the .zip of public_html already consumes the rest of the space I have.
My server is on linode, I added a volume that has the capacity to support this, but I would need the .zip that it generates, everything is done inside this volume so that I don’t have this problem.

is it possible to do or customize this?

Simply move /home//backup somewhere in your storage volume then replace original ‘backup’ with a symbolic link. That should work.

mv /home//backup /path/to/storage/folder
ln -s <new_directory> /home//backup

You can use incremental backup for frequent backups, eg. daily (saves a lot of space), and make full backups less frequent.