Creating SMTP Server and Mautic on same Website (Together)


Felt grateful to view the article and video on:

  1. Creating an SMTP Server on Cyberpanel and send email and
  2. Install and Setup Mautic On CyberPanel
    - by Mr. Usman Nasir. Thanks a lot to that.

Here are some doubts and issues I faced:

  1. In both the videos mentioned above WordPress and Mautic are installed individually hence both are on Main Domain.
  2. Once I install and configure WP on my domain - It does not allow Mautic to be installed on the same (Mautic can be installed only on an empty folder)
  3. My request is to kindly make a video or article of getting both done together. (SMTP Server creation and Mautic installation together) or
    Installing Mautic on a Subdomain or
    SMTP Server creation without WP

Hope you understand the issue.

Both WordPress installation and Mautic installation are done in one different domain you can set up wp on the main and then you can do Mautic on the subdomain. I will check with @usmannasir for this too.

pls check and revert, Thank you

How to avoid : Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version “>= 7.4.0”.
I changed PHP to 7.3 on domain and subdomain, result is the same when I open the subdomain on which i hve installed the Mautic

It is better that you create a separate website ( and install mautic in it.

Keep your WP and Mautic install separate.


  1. I did a test by installing WP and SMTP Server on main domain (
  2. Then installed Mautic manually on Subdomain (

Did Mautic Configuration Email Settings and
Test Connection = Success
Send Test Email = Error
(Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username “” using 0 possible authenticators.)

Can you please help me solve this issue
Don’t feel like giving up

I’m interested on how you got the success message, I’ve been trying to follow the video but not sure what I’m not doing right.

Are you able to login to rainloop using those credentials?

Hi @kjxavier.

Were you able to get this issue resolved? I have now run into the exactly the same issue with my VPS on Contabo.

If you resolved it please share what you did.