Creating New Email account -- fail

I did it again…so still a bug.

I created a new email account and used capitalization (

Cyberpanel lets you do this…and send mail.

Dovecot/postfix will not work with this account…so you can’t receive mail.

Dovecot uses ( to deliver.

Updated panel – on updated Centos 7 VPS

I would find the mysql root password
cat /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlPassword

Login to phpmyadmin

find this table
Database: cyberpanel »Table: e_users

Find your email and fix it in the table to lowercase.

restart dovecot and test

I confirmed this bug when testing and submitted a commit to fix this for the username input.

It will lowercase it with the commit:

It will show created success message with upper case characters but all characters in DB and emailid is lowercased now so should not have issues like this once merged into installer.

I knew how to fix it…because I reported this bug months ago. At that time I had entered a slew of emails by cut and paste from a list and had people using them.

I think it was in thew middle of the upgrade mess with the password encryption.

This time it was just one and I just forgot to leave it all lower case. It failed on the first email test.


Merged commit to the package.