Create test web site (without) DNS don't work + restore backup is missing files

Hi there,

  1. I can easily create a new web site via CP if I chose to incl. DNS. But if I enable the test feature CP simple just stalls forever. Next to the test-feature it tells me that I need to subscribe before I can use this feature. But the link directs me to a page with no info about the subscription and no other info what so ever about how to enable this feature?

I have installed CP exactly by following all steps in the official CP installation guide.

  1. When I restore an backup a lot of files and folder are missing afterwards in the CP File Manager / on disk - which is inside the archive file when I check it. Does CP need specific permission to extract all files and folder or am I missing something else here. I can confirm that if I extract the backup file and set the permission manually then everything works - but of course I’m not supposed to do this manually.

Thank you so much!