Create subdomain for another server

Hello there,
I have a Cyberpanel selfhosted my email server with domains domains (mail domain) , (SMTP/IMAP) panel and webmail). Everything work well and perfect.
Now i want to selfhost another service in a separate server (in the same location) under te subdomain
Here are some questions for me to get Things enlighted for me:

1-is it possible to have that service hosted in the separate server with the subdomain i mentionned?
2-is there any action to be Taken in the 1st server that hostes Cyberpanel. If yes Please elaborate
3-is there any action to be Taken on my registrar side?
Thanks in avance

Hello @6hil

Please include which version of cyberpanel you are using as instructed here How to ask for assistance?

@josephgodwinke it is Cyberpanel V2. 3.3

Just point that subdomain to that other server IP

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hello @Dreamer thank you for your reply. I have added the IP address like you said. I can ping the subdomain and get answer for dig command as well.
theissue i am facing is when i enter the subdomain in the web browser i can’t access the app i have installed and for whitch i want to point the subdomain in the server. The app is installed on that second server. Entering public IP and port get me to the app.
Any taught?
Thanks in advance.
Cyberpanel Vrsion :2.3
OS: Ubuntu 22 Desktop VM inside Proxmox