cPanel restore: local variable 'cDBUser' referenced before assignment


I’m testing the control panel and when I try to restore an account I get this error:
Failed to retore databases from file /home/backup/backup-9.30.2019_13-26-52_creandolared.tar.gz, error message: local variable ‘cDBUser’ referenced before assignment.


The reason for this seems to be that it had an empty database, was to eliminate it and run ok.

line 663 script
for inItems in data:
if inItems.find(‘GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES’) > -1 and inItems.find(‘localhost’) > -1 and inItems.find(’_test’) == -1:
cDBName = inItems.split(’`’)[1].replace(’\\’, ‘’)
logging.statusWriter(self.logFile, inItems, 1)
if cDBName == items.replace(’.sql’, ‘’):
cDBUser = inItems.split("’")[1]
message = ‘Database user for %s is %s.’ % (cDBName, cDBUser)
logging.statusWriter(self.logFile, message, 1)
if Databases.objects.filter(dbUser=cDBUser).count() > 0:

Hi @thisjrodriguez How did you fix this problem. I have a same problem, I don’t know how to fix it. Thanks