Could not connect to server FTP

if you trust me. can you inbox/pm me the login to your cyberpanel and let me check ?
only cyberpanel not ssh or osl admin

delete it from here… dangerous lol… sent me mail box

i work on it now

sorry m8…

i cant find the problem :frowning:
cant help you more… i have already test all combination of problem solving for ftp inside the cyberpanel
but still cant login :frowning:

there is one way to try it out
run the upgrade from CLI
then turnoff firewall
then try re create the ftp then login

@usmannasir @usmannasir1 @die2mrw007 maybe they can help ?


I just made update and upgrade.
i tried turn off the firwall(not from cli)
and tried reboot
and created again ftp account but nothink

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as i can see on cyberpanel package there is some upgrade apps…
that mean your upgrade is not run coreectly (maybe)
02 - Upgrading CyberPanel - Docs / 01 - Install/Upgrade - CyberPanel Community
then apt-get update upgrade… or yum
disable firewall

i really sorry i can help more
because it need developer or server admin


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yes you are right
i try to deploy new VPS at vultr to test this FTP
and i facing this trouble too

and i try to upgrade (ubuntu + cyberpanel) my other vps at other datacenter, it run well, no error
i got error on new installation

@usmannasir @shoaibkk @asma
maybe they can give us how to solved this

This is the answer of my GCP Server Support:
<< Upon further investigation, The user “adrian_vatavu_ftp” that is used to login on the Cyberpanel Web GUI does only exist on the Cyberpanel database and does not exist on the Linux users. Which explains why it cannot be used to login on the FileZilla.

To be able to use FTP users from the Cyberpanel, you would need to create a Website first [1], and then create the FTP users [2] for the created website. >>

I would like to know how I can proceed so that my hosting domain name ( is the domain and that I can start creating working ftp users.

i never test with same user
thx for info

perhaps you can :slight_smile:

  1. create website
  2. then goto ftp user → create—> choose the website
  3. enter the ftp user and password
    same methode

What is the error log you have for the FTP?
Is it resolved or still you facing this issue? created
create ftp account but on log fileZille give the same problem…

I continue to can’t connect on ftp with fileZille or others ftp client

use simple password and then try if that works.

i did it but gave the same error

any other suggestions ???

if you want fast… maybe you can re install
just like me when my windows configuration make me dizzy
better to fresh re install rather than try any trick to fix it

install OS minimalist without any services
then install cyberpanel
then choose N to remote sql
after all done
do not use manual configuration from SSH or OLS Panel
just use cyberpanel
then try to ftp.

is there any way to not lose my 2 current sites to import them later in the new CyberPanel?