Connecting remotely to website MySQL database from computer

Hi all, I am trying to configure remote connection to website MySQL database. I’ve added remote IP (my IP) and trying to use Navicat to connect and it does not work. I also added port 3306 in firewall to allow it from and that did not help.

When I SSH into server, I tried to login by forwarding one of local ports to 3306 but that did not work neither.

IMPORTANT: once I added “Allow Remote Access on following IP” any IP there, my website stopped working. I guess there is another my.cnf (or what ever name is) config file where local got blocked and website (php) can’t access that DB any more.

Did anyone knows how to sort this out?

1- in Navicat put the IP “localhost” and the user and password of your DB and port 3306.
2- Before you save select from the list above in Navicat “SSH” and add the info that you use in putty even the port 22 or if you change it…

you can log in now

100% work, have fun