Code-server in cyberpanel?

Spanish. Hola alguien sabra como integrar coder server a cyberpanel gracias.

better to translate your language to english using google translate. then post here to get “global” support

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Como @MyIDKaTePe dijo, vas a necesitar escribir en inglés (usa Google Translate) para recibir más apoyo. Pero hablo español así que entiendo la pregunta…

I don’t know how code server works, but it looks like it doesn’t have anything to do with Cyberpanel. You can install it on your server through SSH. If you are looking for an integration with or installation through Cyberpanel, then that isn’t possible.

If you want to use code server, what you will need to ensure is that you can log in with non-root users. Cyberpanel creates all of its websites in the /home/ directory (e.g. /home/, /home/ and each website has its own system user (usually something like abcde1234), with specific file permissions for privacy/security. If you work as the root user, it will surely break things.

I prefer to install vs code on my computer and connect to my server with SSH public/private keys with the system user that is relevant to the website that I want to modify. You can add the keys in the Manage Website → SSH Access page.

Not only does this make sure nothing breaks, but it also keeps all of the files on the server rather than locally, and is probably more flexible and secure - I can use xdebug, for example, to do step debugging on my WordPress websites. I doubt this is possible with code server. If I want to work on different sites, or even at the root level, I can just open a new vs code window and connect with that user to the relevant directory.

Por favor no responde en español - voy a borrar cualquier respuesta escrita en español.

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Thank you very much, you got me out of a big doubt :slight_smile:

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