CLoudlinux packages & memory usage display

I’ve been test and trying but keep running into the same issue.

On a fresh install on an OVH server.

  1. Install Centos 7
  2. Install CloudLinux, activate and reboot
  3. Install Cyberpanel w/ openlitespeed and reboot

I even tried altering the installation of Cyberpanel and Cloudlinux but same issue.

The issue is that on the url “:8090/serverstatus/services” All services show 0MB status.

Has anyone encountered this error?

i have the same issue, and also have some of the websites listing as 0mb. i haven’t found the solution yet :confused:

…additionally, my CloudLinux frontend/gui stopped working (while Imunify360 IS still working):

500 Internal Server Error
Server got itself in trouble