Cloudlinux 8.5 (activated shared pro) install error


We changed our OS to cloudlinux, and if we try to install cyberpanel, get an error… (error log attached)

I reinstall the whole system like 2-3 times, fresh install and I’am in su and I runned the yum update as well. For sadly its not solved the problem… :confused:

Any tipp? We need that server with shortest time as possible…

Starting main installation..,30
[05.01.2022_12-18-31] Starting CyberPanel installation..,10
[05.01.2022_12-18-31] Running: yum install sudo -y,10
[05.01.2022_12-18-34] Successfully ran: yum install sudo -y.,10
[05.01.2022_12-18-34] Running: useradd -s /bin/false cyberpanel,10
[05.01.2022_12-18-34] [ERROR] We are not able to run useradd -s /bin/false cyberpanel return code: 9.  Fatal error, see
$[05.01.2022_12-18-34] [ERROR] We are not able to run useradd -s /bin/false cyberpanel return code: 9.  Fatal error, see
$[05.01.2022_12-18-35] [ERROR] setup_account_cyberpanel. 71, see /var/log/installLogs.txt for full details.
[05.01.2022_12-18-35] Running: rpm -ivh, see /
$[05.01.2022_12-18-36] [ERROR] We are not able to run rpm -ivh
$[05.01.2022_12-18-36] [ERROR] We are not able to run rpm -ivh$
Oops, something went wrong... [404]

@die2mrw007, @shoaibkk ?

Our server is down bcz of this… Not me the only one who running to this error, can you please do something about it? Its a very annoing error…

Thats the wrong method bro. You first need a clean base OS (centos, almalinux, rockylinux, etc) and install cyberpanel in it.
Then install Cloudlinux into it.

Why? The cpanel can be installed with that method…

The installation script is designed in such way that it needs a clean server with just the OS in it.
The conflicts are the reason why the script requires a clean server.

Understood, so what you recommend? Centos? If I know well its the only os what support the convert right?

CentOS and Almalinux both are good. Centos is nearing end of life and Almalinux is been created by Cloudlinux team. Almalinux is good choice. Well, you can decide as per your convenience.

Okay, thanks for your help…

I will install Almalinux and convert after that.

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