Cloud panel vs Cloud panel Cloud hosting

I am using cyberpanel for a year now ( not with this email ) and I am planning to go for Cloud hosting.
Currently I have digital ocean droplet and in that I have cyberpanel installed. So if I purchase cyberpanel cloud, would I need a droplet for that? or cyberpanel will have there own IP??

Secondly I am looking forward for community responses on cyberpanel support on cloud and entrprise. I know free version does not have good support and it is a valid point.

Cyberpanel cloud doesnt give you server or hosting. You need to bring your own server. The benefits of Cyberpanel cloud will be that you will get wordpress manager in cloud account and few automated tools like mysql optimizer, email debugger, FTP debugger, DNS debugger, S3 backup integrations, and most importantly - priority support direct from cyberpanel developers.


also what do you mean with cloud hosting? high availability or multiple regions?

This thread may clear all your doubts. Just let me know if any further doubt arises and I will answer.

there are 3 packages from cyberpanel, cyberpanel itself which I am using right now with digitalocean, cyberpanel cloud, and cyberpanel enterprise. I mistakenly added “hosting” after cyberpanel cloud.

Cyberpanel (self hosted) - FREE
Cyberpanel Cloud (self hosted but connected to Cyberpanel cloud for easy management and official support) - PAID
Cyberpanel Enterprise (If you wish to go with Litespeed Enterprise license, then you need this package for cyberpanel to work) - PAID License except Litespeed Starter License which is FREE.

Just one more thing. I am working in a digital marketing agency and some times clients ask us to provide website. We are creating new sites in cp and then give them access. If we upgrade to CP Cloud, does my clients also have to create cloud account? or they will contiinue using their accounts from our server ip? We are planning to give paid account of CP in future (just like shared hosting godaddy or hostgator provides) so that we can afford server prices ans CP prices as well

If you connect to Cyberpanel cloud, everything at your cyberpanel level will be exactly same. Nothing will change. What you get additional is, you will need to visit and login with your created credentials and then you will be able to see the connected servers there. Clicking on that server inside Cyberpanel cloud account, you will be able to see tools like Wordpress manager, FTP debug, DNS debug, Email Debug, MySQL optimization, and other tools which will help managing your server and cyberpanel in better way.

Apart from all these, you will also get direct support from Cyberpanel developers for any issues you face in your cyberpanel setup.

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