CLI createWebsite failure/bug

Provider: 20shells dedicated server
Virtualization Type: HyperV
System: Ubuntu 20.04
Installation option: Everything
OLS or Enterprise? OLS
Installing from official server or mirror server? official
Install Memcached extension for PHP? yes
Install LiteSpeed Memcached? yes
Install Memcached? yes
Install Redis extension for PHP? no
Install Redis? no

I am migrating 50 wordpress websites to cyberpanel. I was hoping the CLI would allow not only for adding the website but installing wordpress. I added the websites with the following style command:

cyberpanel createWebsite --package Default --owner admin --domainName --email --php 7.4

However when I went and checked the site in cyberpanel, it did not create any sub-folders (like logs, public_html) and I am concerned about what else it did not do. Is this an easy fix?

Also is there any chance of implementing the installWordpress function via CLI?

No response. Nice.

Let me take a look.

I just noticed this line

Virtualization Type: HyperV

We do not support HyberV officially, try KVM or OpenVZ.

Just ran the command on KVM and worked without any issue

root@platform:~# cyberpanel createWebsite --package Default --owner admin --domainName --email --php 7.2
Running some checks…,0

Creating DNS records…,10

Setting up directories…,25

Warning: The home dir /home/ you specified can’t be accessed: No such file or directory
adduser: The user `cyberpa’ already exists.
groupadd: group ‘cyberpa’ already exists
Creating configurations…,50

DKIM Setup…,70

Website successfully created. [200]

{“success”: 1, “errorMessage”: “None”}