Clear DNS NS Records

Hi, I am having 404 error on one child domain, I think is because I messed up its DNS while creating it… I created authoritative name servers for that child domain, I wonder how to I clear it. even tho I have already deleted those records and pointed to the ones of the main domain, DNS look up still points to the NS records I have already deleted…

I have already deleted the domain, deleted the records, restarted OL, Power DNS and the server itself and noting seems to fix the problem… I am thinking about reinstalling the server again and start from cero, But I am afraid that the dns keep like this

If you are not expert with DNS.

  1. Use Cloudflare for DNS.
  2. Get a managed service from one of our partners (partners listed on bottom of our main site)

Because I feel you don’t know what you are doing. Better to use Cloudflare for DNS in this situation.