.church domain support


I am still fairly new to Cyberpanel and OpenLiteSpeed but we have a couple of deployments we have tested for several weeks. We have had a great experience to date. However, we deployed an environment which includes a tld domain with extension .church. We tried to direct the traffic to the Cyberpanel panel port and several other docker container but received 5xx errors. With the other two similar deployments we never had issues. So then, I decided to add the website with the domain and started receiving 404 errors instead. I removed the website and domain and still now receive 404 errors.

Here is the twist we tested the same ports with three different tlds on this deployment, one as unconventional as .church, and they all work just like the other two environments. So this made me suspect that one of Cyberpanel’s components doesn’t not handle .church domains very well. I don’t know when to begin investigation, since I am not well experience with all the components like Apache, Htaccess etc…

Does anyone have insight on what could be the issue? Thank you in advance.