Child domain creation issu

Hi everyone
I’m having such a weird issue with new install of cyberpanel on EC2. I have another insall on my dedicated server and its working flawlessly, but this new install on ec2 is not creating any child domain folder in designated folder name .
Creating sub/child for , child.example(dot)com and set the domain name to be child.example(dot)com in folder /home/example(dot)com/child.example(dot)com
It finishes creating the subdomain without any erros but when i try accesing file from ( manage hosting >list domains>click on c.p logo go access child ) it goes into the main domain folder and child domain folder does not even show there.

I restart the litespeed , fix permission in file management and nothing came up to show for child .

Anyone faced this problem! I’ve searched the entire forum and couldn’t find any solutions.

Please kindly help

Can you try using a “simpler” name for the child domain folder? For example, place it at “/home/” to see if it works.
If it does, will help to find what’s causing the issue

Im sure cyberpanel doesn’t create a child ( subdomain) without the name of domain attached to it

Hello, I meant the folder, the folder can be anything

It’s the same , as mentioned i also have a dedicated server with cyberpanel on it and have no issues .
This issue is really annoying and i think i made a mistake setting up the ec2 with it , i should of gone with cpanel

Just ssh to the server and checked the /home folder, no folder has been created for any of the subdomains inside each domain folder . Eventho all permissions are fixed.

Anyone have any solutions??

Any error in the cyberpanel log file?

If not, edit this file:

DEBUG = False
DEBUG = True

Restart cyberpanel, create the child domain and check if this time anything appeared at the log file