Change website domain?

I have a large worpdress website, which I copied/migrated over to my Cyberpanel account (Racknerd vps / Ubuntu 22.04 / Open Litespeed / Cyberpanel set up).
I set up a website on Cyberpanel, using a cheap .site domain, and copied/migrated the site onto that. But I’m not sure how to swap out the .site domain for the original .com – I tried adding as an alias but when I add the .com as an alias, it defaults to the .site, which is the opposite of what I hoped.
I’m sure there must be a way to do it, but I am clearly not getting the search syntax correct, so I’m not seeing a strategy.
How can I change the domain name, please?

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See this if its helpful

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Oh wow – thanks man. That’s really helpful of you.

But I’m completely new to CyberPanel, and I’m not sure I can follow your tutorial confidently.
Is there a longer step-by-step version, or video version, for total idiots like me?

I’m worried that if I step wrong I’ll mess up my site.

Unfortunately, there is no video. You will have to do this step by step. Make sure to create a snapshot of your server or a backup that you can rollback to just incase.

Kindly revert here for support. We are more than happy to help.