Change path

i want to know if and how to change the home directory path.
In this moment cyberpanel creates by thefault /home/domain.tld/
Is it possible to change this? Prior to website creation or even afterwards?

I need the path to be /home/domain/ instead of /home/domain.tld/


domain is equal to domain.tld is it not?

or are you saying you want it to not have the .com .tld etc but the base name of the domain?

Not sure if that is supported or advised. is there a reason having the .tld is causing an issue?

yes, i need the username/path to be without the .tld. just the base name. it should be supported like in any other panels (cPanel,. Directadmin, ISPconfig, webmin/virtualmin, etc). In any other panel you get to choose the username and/or even change it.