change password

hi, i have forgotten my login & pass in cyberpanel.

how do i reset it? i have root access in my vps.

i keep getting notification of this every hour

how do i fix it?

Subject: Cron root@micro /usr/local/CyberCP/postfixSenderPolicy/ hourlyCleanup

Body: mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/cyberpanel’: File exists

Not sure whats changed but I am no longer able to change password after installation via cli.

#python /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/ --password somePa$sW0rd
Failed to authorize access to change password!

It used to work - I am not seeing any differences. Any ideas?


Hopefully tomorrow there will be an urgent patch for minor bugs, including the above.


This works for me on the latest version, what previous steps lead you to this situation?

Just did a test with brand new installation - still fails.
Is the current version v1.72-vmm?

It is v1.7.2-plugin, are you installing from Github?

no v1.72-vmm is what im looking at in my pycharm.
when i do install i use the wget

Ok i don’t see any changes to the api view for changeAdminPassword in -plugin. Perhaps provide more information in the exception? I can’t tell difference between if I hit the exception or not with this code since the else also returns the same error.

I am using code from -plugin, and having no issues on my end, did you change anything on your end?

nope - as i said i tested the install straight from cyberpanel via wget.

Can you point me to instructions for installing from source from the github repo?

I will shortly get back to you with updates.


Are you using this installation guide? 01 - Installing CyberPanel - Docs - CyberPanel Community

Just had a fresh installation and no such issue.

followed that instructions - still fails.

Brand new VM with CentOs 7.3 minimal


1  yum update -y
2  pwpwd
3  pwd
4  sh <(curl || wget -O -
5  python /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/ --password <password>

Failed to authorize access to change password!

It used to work…

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