CentOS 8 Linux is dead. Which direction is the best at the moment.

Hello. As we all know, RedHat has an impact on CentOS. Get CentOS 8 to an early end in 2021, cancel the CentOS Linux project and maintain CentOS Stream only as a preview distribution of RHEL. I am using CentOS 8 and am very confused. Which direction is the best today?

CentOS stream doesn’t seem like something that most people would want to be using on production servers.

But there are a couple of interesting options appearing, both of which would be a pretty direct replacement for CentOS 8:

CloudLinux have announced that they will be releasing and maintaining a community driven open source fork of RHEL

Rocky Linux is a similar community driven open source RHEL fork announced by Greg Kurtzer, who was a co-founder of CentOS