CentOS 8 and CyberPanel, it works ?


Does cyberpanel work with the new CentOS 8? Thank you for your answers.

It wont work unless there are changes made to support it, i doubt any other panels out there supports centos 8 when it is just released.

Centos 8 is shipped with python 3 as default. For now with slight workaround it may work. But not right now.

Better use a more stable version.

I’ll have to try this. I just got a template made for Centos 8. if we symlink python to python2.x library it should work in theory

So far this is what I have had to do.

dnf install bc tar python2
echo ‘alias python="/usr/bin/python2"’ >> ~/.bashrc;
echo ‘alias pip="/usr/bin/pip2"’ >> ~/.bashrc;
source ~/.bashrc;
ln -s /usr/bin/python2 /usr/bin/python
ln -s /usr/bin/pip-2 /usr/bin/python-pip

I’m modifying the installer script to switch it in both spots from:
yum -y install python-pip

yum -y install python2-pip

Will update if my next test works. With some better OS detection to check for stuff as python2 python2-pip if the version of python is missing or shows 3.x would probably work too.

Yeah, I hope CentOS 8 gets supported very, very soon. With Python dropping support of version 2 (keep in mind PIP will eventually no longer support it), it makes total sense that CyberPanel go all out and ensure CentOS 8 works along with it. Else we’ll get caught in the conundrum where updates simply won’t work anymore for anyone. On the upside, everyone who migrates to CentOS 8 should see huge performance improvements averaging around 30-40% (see here: Initial Benchmarks Of CentOS 8.0 & CentOS Stream On Intel Xeon / AMD EPYC - Phoronix) so everyone stands to win something here. Frankly, CentOS 8 should be supported sooner rather than later given the colossal performance jump that CyberPanel’s paying customers likely take a very special note of.

CyberPanel is web hosting control which is based on OpenLitespeed. Comes with builtin support for DNS, FTP, Email, File Manager and automatic SSL krogerfeedback.

As someone who communicates with other industry experts including Ian Cutress at AnandTech, let me assure you that Phoronix is not your run-of-the-mill random benchmark site. Phoronix carries significant weight throughout the industry so in light of their results, I would not be so dismissive or naive of the results they are sharing.

Many of the tests that Phoronix run are highly single-threaded, you can bet there will be a substantial performance uptick. This rings especially true in CPU and memory-constrained environments like entry level DigitalOcean droplets.

As for Python 2 EOL, digging past the mere surface level, PIP is the major warning sign here. Read carefully, where the developers state:

However, bugs reported with pip which only occur on Python 2.7 would likely not be addressed directly by pip’s maintainers. Pull Requests to fix Python 2.7 only bugs will be considered, and merged (subject to normal review processes). Note that there may be delays due to the lack of developer resources for reviewing such pull requests.


The takeaway is expect a long response time if a PIP bug directly impacts your Python 2.7 operations. PIP is used substantially throughout CyberPanel so I would take special precautions in going forward given the propensity of something breaking.


when will be CentOS 8 supported by CyberPanel? Any ETA maybe?


Just looking for an update since the last post in Feb. We’re about to install a new server…