Catch-all emails

I’ve been using Cyberpanel for quite a while now, and wanted to add a catch-all email ex: Where I can receive any email that is sent to the team members or to our general emails.

I searched everywhere but I couldn’t get a grasp of how others do it please if there is any documentation or something that can help me achieve this.

I really need it. I’ve had this issue for a few weeks right now.

u cant
but u can use MX Forwarder like improvMX. or if you lucky you can use Cloudflare Beta Email Routing (but it limited only 10MB email+attchment)
cyberpanel/rainloop need email account with inbox.
or you will need create:
then you set to forward to all account (i dont know if this is works, because i use MX forwarder. more easier to setup

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@anassifi do check this article

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will not conflict with rainloop/cyberpanel ?

Makes me wonder if that solution using postfix would conflict with it.

I will give both a try anyway, thank you guys

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pleaes update here if you success

I used the postfix article, apparently it’s missing some stuff, I had to google them. It worked fine with every email ex: test, hello, Although I couldn’t receive for

Furthermore, I noticed that after I set the solution, I couldn’t catch any emails right away. I took a couple of hours before I could catch emails.

Also, I ran into this issue:

before i goes to other config… the warning said … no MX host
@die2mrw007 perhaps can help this ?
maybe because conflict between Cyberpanel/OLS postfix config with manual edit config ?

i have zero idea on my head
(already try manytimes, but never success)

I really have no idea how to fix the conflict because everything seem well set and no way MX isn’t well config

Have you tried the same with other similar cyberpanel vps too? sometimes a messy vps can have issues.

I will try it in my test server and will guide accordingly soon.



i believe this is because cyberpanel +ols have their own config

but… who knows lol

you are right, sometimes bad vps configuration can make everything broken

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Thank you for trying, I really appreciate it.

I hope it’s just my VPS too