Can't upload new theme on Wordpress site

Hey Guys,

Just thought I would mention this here while I start troubleshooting to see what is causing the issue.

On more than one site, I can’t upload a new theme file via the theme upload. The resulting page after trying to upload is a “Site can’t be reached” with an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.

When reviewing the error log from within the Cyberpanel admin, I get this …

Failed to obtain or reinitialize VMemBuf.

Would this be something I should submit a ticket for, or could there be a simple solution I haven’t found yet :wink:

Thanks … Scott

So, are you able to solve it yet?

Not yet, I read there may be a database issue, but wouldn’t that affect all database functions? I can upload images just fine.

Another person mentioned the upload limits, but I already increased those, besides, I thought they’re site specific adjustments. I’m getting this same thing on more than one site.

Is it possible the server is rejecting .zip uploads?

It seems to be related to this …

I don’t know enough to actually fix it, but restarting OLS worked. So I’m guessing the tmp directory is getting full. A restart must flush the swap file.

Could this be a consequence of downgrading OLS to allow for the SSL to work (last ticket #2393)?

Thanks … Scott

I just checked the error log (from the Cyberpanel admin) and the following line is repeating constantly. If this error is flooding the system, I don’t think this could be a good thing right?!

2018-10-09 15:43:52.399342 [NOTICE] [] No request delivery notification has been received from LSAPI application, possible dead lock.


Did you recently install some WordPress plugin or made some other changes? It seems OpenLiteSpeed waits for a response from PHP script and PHP never returns anything.

Not that I can remember, however, I wasn’t getting errors that would cause me to look at the logs when I last installed plugins. I will start troubleshooting the plugins and report back.