Can't send out email using cyberpanel rainloop

Whenever I click on send, I get the error “can’t send message”

Please help

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attach your server with platform request for email debuger and reset,

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Can you please elaborate a little bit more? I am using vps from ovh.

Just enable API access within cyberpanel (under menu “users”), for admin.
Then visit cyberpanel cloud
connect your server there.

Select the email debugger option there and reset the mailserver which will fix your issues.

Getting this error when accessing email debugger. Please advise.

have you set this :

  1. server hostname
  2. server dns
  3. dkim
  4. recheck the MX record
  5. go to mail section and see if there is any red notice that ask you to klik [FIX]

Please raise a ticket there requesting to enable the email debugger for your account and it will be enabled. Then you can reset your mailserver.