Can't login to Wordpress!


Today I have problems with all my Cyber Panel Wordpress websites - after I log out (tested with several browsers )
I can’t login. Doesn’t say nothing, just one glitch and nothing.

Type IP Address Time Resource Size
GET 06/Oct/2022:17:26:06 /wp-login.php 2013
POST 06/Oct/2022:17:26:05 /wp-login.php 0

I’ve tried to make subdomains, created new Wordpress, same story, can’t login.

I already thought that Cloudflare issue but didn’t find anything.

I have used CP over 4 years and this is first time!

I also tried the same thing on another VPS and VPS provides - I couldn’t even install WP, gave me an error right away:
Installation failed. Error message: [404]

you are using OLS or ent?