Can't install wordpress after deleting site

Good day!
I removed the site from the cyberpanel and then added it. But now I can’t install WP on it, it shows 404 error. Does anyone know what is the problem?

Try run cyberpanel upgrade script below most of times it helps on this issue or if cyberpanel create wp files you can manually add database and update wp-config file database credentials.
sh <(curl || wget -O -


cyberpanel has a bug which leaves the .htaccess file of the wordpress installation with lsphp so when you try to install from the software manager it does not let you, since it detects information in the path of a previous wordpress installation, so that you let install it you must eliminate all traces of a previous installation, you can support yourself by accessing by ssh to the user path where you want to place the wordpress and perform the following sequence of commands

ls -lha → so that it allows you to see all the files in the path including the hidden ones like .htacces etc…

after this i strongly recommend to go to the path i.e. cd /home/$user/$path and apply an rm -rf to each file you see associated with wordpress.

If you require support, you can send captures and I will gladly guide you.

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Bug reports can be posted here to get it fixed earliest.

is the directory there?
go to home directory and check if there

Thank you!