Can't delete website when two websites have the same user

Provider: Digital Ocean
System: Ubuntu 18.04


When creating a website, CyberPanel creates a new user with the first 7 characters of the website name.

The problem is when you have two separate websites with the same first 7 characters, they are grouped with the same user and there is some sort of conflict. I am not able to delete the first website from the website listings.

Also, these websites are theoretically supposed to be completely isolated from each other, but they are grouped into the same system user.


Create, create

Try to delete

The files are removed from the Linux filesystem, but the website remains in the CyberPanel websites list.

The log says:

[05-45-29-Tue-Jun-2019] (1054, “Unknown column ‘e_domains.childOwner_id’ in ‘field list’”) [Not able to remove virtual host configuration from main configuration file.]

Possible solution:

use the first 7 characters and append random characters to the end of the username (i.e., user would become testing_3928).