Can't add SSL for domain aliass

Check video: Recording #5
Desction: When add domain alias (use for WP Multisite), SSL domain aliass conflic. If use feature"issue SSL" in domain alias, so a domain a SSL, all other domain get error

Can you show me how to fix add domain alias for WP multisite with SSL?
This issue very important with me. I can’t make core site when domain aliass haven’t SSL.
This isue is my last issue, when dev Core Web
Thanks for your help

Anyone can help me? I think have many people get issue, i searched on all forum, but dont know how to fix

Instead of aliasing each domains for multisite , create them domains as addon domains with same document root ( piublic_html) this will make each domain will have its own virtualhost entries and will have separate SSL certs

for alias there is some issues when we issue SSL, when we install SSL for alias domain it may replace SSL for main domain, some how the SSL expanding doesn’t happens for alias domains

@maxin did pinpoint the definitive solution.
Also stated here (Common fixes, Multisite): CyberPanel cheatsheet (configs, commands, fixes)