Can't access phpMyAdmin after updating to 2.0.3

When I navigate to phpmyadmin it says “Auto-login for PHPMYAdmin is now supported. Click the button below to generate auto-access for PHPMYAdmin”. When I click on the blue button the icon just spins and goes nowhere. I am not able to access phpmyadmin after update.

Awesome! It worked. Thank you!!!

what if page [My_IP_or_domain]:8090/phpmyadmin/phpmyadminsignin.php shows only white page?
I chcech on 3 browser whidout effect.

Besides I cleared the cache and changed the browser I can’t access PHPMyAdmin via Auto-Login. In the cyberpanel log file I get this error:

(1396, “Operation CREATE USER failed for ‘admin’@‘localhost’”) [addUserToDB:937]

I do fresh install cyberpanel, i modify max_execution time and memory_limit, then click Save, next restart and now i have
“phpMyAdmin - Error
The mysqli extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration. See our [a @ doc / html / faq.html # faqmysql @ documentation] documentation for more information.”

php -v
PHP 7.1.33 (cli) (built: Nov 22 2019 11:33:51) ( NTS )

php -m | grep -i mysqli

i use: yum install php-mysqli



But whidout efect.
My pages worsk, but i cant access phpmyadmin.

I had to uninstall and reinstall 2 extensions.
Mysqlnd and mbstring
but it was very inconsistent :frowning:

Centos 7 upgraded from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3

I have same issue for my couple of servers. Clearing cache didn’t help. Also for some servers root password changed and cant log in with /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlpassword.

After reset root password to original password, clearing caches and

use cyberpanel; delete from databases_globaluserdb;

rm /home/cyberpanel/phpmyadmin_admin

still doesn’t work.

What I noticed that root user doesn’t have access to cyberpanel database is this expected behaviour?

upgraded from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 and can not access phpmyadmin

https://[server]:8090/dataBases/setupPHPMYAdminSession => 404 error
https://[server]:8090/phpmyadmin/phpmyadminsignin.php => empty page

I solved my problem by load default

login ssh

cd /usr/local/CyberCP/public/phpmyadmin

Same error.

I create new VPS on CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 and I Can’t access phpMyAdmin

(Not Found
The requested resource was not found on this server)

Type your comment> @m_abotalebie said:

I solved my problem by load default

login ssh

cd /usr/local/CyberCP/public/phpmyadmin

Thaaanksss… You save my day…
That’s back login screen…

Type your comment> @m_abotalebie said:

I solved my problem by load the default

login ssh

cd /usr/local/CyberCP/public/phpmyadmin

Thank you so much, this helped so much!

Everytime i upgrade facing same issue. Any permanent solution?

Not working!. It’s still redirect to cyberpanel login page, i will move to aapanel soon, cyberpanel much more problem for me.

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