Can't access cyberpanel bcos of an attempt to update MarianDB

Today I attempted to update MySQL, after discovering that MySQL version is not up to date. I noticed it was still around 5.5.5. I figured that could have been the reason while I may not be able to install Wordpress automatically via cyber panel.

I followed a lot of instructions online and somehow I discovered that I cannot connect MySQL using the root password. I also made several attempts to upgrade to version 5.7 which was unsuccessful, then I tried version 8 still unsuccessful.

Both were asking for dependencies, so I used aptitude to attempt to install version 8…and that was where my problems started. I noticed using aptitude to install first uninstalled the current version automatically, and attempted to installed 8 then failed…all the site in the cyberpanel went down, I then checked cyber panel to see if I can still login, and I got error 500

I did a few more troubleshooting using ssh and was able to reinstall MySQL 5.7 which was the original and sites came back up but Cyber Panel is still not accessible.

Presently SQL server is inactive

Please I need someone to help me with some guidelines to have this resolved