Cannot Send or receive mails

Hi there, am asking for assistance configuring my VPS. I cannot send or receive emails. I am getting “can’t connect to server”. is the domain name.

Welcome @Afritech Happy you are here

Go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/snappymail/?admin → Domains → click on your domain and post a screenshot of the SMTP/IMAP settings after clicking test

Just what I thought. You need to issue mail server ssl.

Go to Cyberpanel dashboard → SSL → Mailserver SSL

Issue ssl for

Thanks Joseph. It now works. I can now send mails. However I can’t receive any mail to the account. Could it be that the DNS is configured wrongly?

Test your mailserver here //email/testTo: post a screenshot you can hide what you deem is private

Do you have rDNS ptr record? The record should be and then you should remove any mx records which do not exist in cyberpanel dns manager