Cannot send e-mail 5.1.1 on specific domains


after some update I have an issue with sending e-mails from cyberpanel. All e-mails outside of domains which re not hosted on Cyberpanel are sent. Problem is with domains which are hosted on cyberpanel, but I am using external mailservice (O365).

Situation is following:
Domain A - hosted on cyberpanel, mailservice on cyberpanel
Domain B - hosted on cyberpanel, mailservice on O365

I want to send mail from domain A to domain B. Problem is mail is not sent because, there is some check which realize that domain B is on cyberpanel, than check if the mailbox exists locally and after that message rejected because the mailservices are outside cyberpanel and mail table for this domain is locally empty. It worked before smoothly but there is some glitch now.

How to make it work again?

I tried to delete table from cyberpanel database in e_domains, but without succes