Cannot not login to panel via port 8090 after 1.7.3 update

Hello Usman and the Cyberpanel team.

I recently upgrade from cyberpanel 1.7.1 to new 1.7.3 build with success.

After that while still logged in I could see the upgrade change and could access Cyberpanel as usual.

But while refreshing browser cache and re login back in I suddenly couldn’t login anymore from port 8090 and access the panel. Weird.

However I can still login to the console via port 7080 and connect to my website and access ftp login without issue. Just the panel is inaccessible past the login page.

I restarted server, litespeed, gunicorn etc…

But everytime I try to login back to my panel via 8090 I am redirected to login page.

Same thing if I try to access via another url like ip:8090/websites I am redirected to a blank login page.

When login in the page refreshes but redirect to the same login page. I just can’t get past login page.

The log/pass is good and haven’t been changed, because if I voluntary put a wrong pass I have a “bad pass notification”.

Please, what can I do to login back and manage my panel.

Thank you very much.

Try the default password “1234567”

Or reset on terminal

python /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/ --password newpassword

@kaz050457 You are my saviour! Thank you so much!

@usmannasir Why such things happen after update? If you can put it in the documentation it would be nice.

I only remarked that after password reset you can’t put back your old admin password, you must create a new one.

Also very weird stuff: when I recreate a new wordpress site if the new password contains any special character like % $ it is not accepted as before… really strange

@usmannasir if in the future release there is a possibility to update from the panel directly or automatically would be more convenient.

There is an issue when upgrading from previous version.

I reinstalled a clean snapshot with cyberpanel 1.7.1 install.

Updated to 1.7.3 again.

Have exactly the same issue.

Also now I cannot use password with special character to install any wordpress site.

I did not do anything wrong and followed documentation carefully.

Understand it is time consuming to go back and forth each upgrade.

Now all I have to do is do a clean install directly to 1.7.3 or stick with 1.7.1.

Please consider investing in this issue.


I am 100% sure there is an issue with passwords containing characters used in programming.

Prior to 1.7.3 such passwords were accepted.

I used a password generator to change the Cyberpanel admin password after upgrade and it didn’t worked until I used password without such characters.

Everytime everytime my pass contained characters like:

`,$, ', ", &, [space], , ?, @, #, <, >, (, ), {, }, [, ], /, \

for the admin and or wordpress site password, cyberpanel refused them with an error message like this:


Same with website creation.

It wasn’t happening like that before in version 1.7.1

Try for instance changing your admin password with this one:


It simply won’t work.

Try wih this one it will work:


same for alphanumeric only pass:


So knowing that my previous cyberpanel AND wordpress site used such passwords if think that’s why I had this issue of login lock down and needed to reset my password after 1.7.3.

Please @usmannasir#0021 can you confirm this, I am not crazy, there is an issue and even after doing a pristine fresh clean install of 1.7.3 the same problem occurs.

Thank you.

You are right

;, &&, | and ... are not accepted as input because of them being used in OS command injection.

But this wasn’t the case before 1.7.3 right?

Because this creates lots of troubles as even my wp pass contained such characters…

Anyway, I found a way to overcome this.

Now I know… the hard way.