Cancel addon subscription

I installed CyberPanel for the first time today. During that process I subscribed to the paid addon features trial. How do I cancel this? I can’t find an option literally anywhere in the cyberpanel.

That there’s no way outside of this forum to contact Cyberpanel directly for support on a paid feature gives pause for thought.

Don’t know the payment methods, but if it was paypal, go here and cancel the payment subscription:

Here you can find more detailed info:

Cyberpanel asks for credit card information. I want to cancel the subscription on the cyberpanel end, not try to block it out through my bank.

Then really advise you to contact the bank to block the payments, as lately, no one from the team seems to care to read the forum.
I think you would have better luck making a post on the facebook group

That is an absurd solution.

Turns out if you sign up to their cloud account first, then subscribe to the addons through that you can manage and cancel that way. Unfortunately, when you try to access the panel for the first time it prompts you to sign up through the panel not through the cloud account, so there is no binding between the cloud account and the subscription if you do it that way which I regrettably have.

This is odd because it has managed to import all of my billing information into the account, but has failed to import the subscription.

There is a support ticket system in the cloud account, so I have submitted a request to cancel that way. I’ll give cyberpanel 24 hours to respond.