Can I install on an AWS instance I already have?

Hi, Can I install the admin panel on an AWS instance I already have set up?

If so, can anyone point me to an idiots guide to doing this please?
I have subscribed to CyberPanel in the AWS Marketplace but don’t know how to get it running on the instance I have. Kind of thought there would be more about setting it up and a step by step guide so maybe I have missed this tutorial.

Many thanks for the help.


Yes you can install CyberPanel on the instance you already have, provided that no LAMP/LEMP stack is installed on that VPS → Installing CyberPanel - CyberPanel

@usmannasir Many thanks for the help. Unfortunately I think we have a LAMP stack installed on the instance on AWS so I guess that means we can’t do it unfortunately.
Could I spin up another instance and put it on that new one and then administer the instance with the lamp stack on it?
Sorry if this sounds like a silly question but not sure how else we can get a hosting panel on an AWS instance with a LAMP stack.

Many thanks,

When you install CyberPanel, you don’t need to install any other LAMP/LEMP stack. CP will take care of this.

Yes you can spin up another instance and install CyberPanel on it, the OS should be clean and better a minimal OS (Ubuntu 20.04)

Thanks again for the help. I guess I’m not making myself clear.
We already have a T2 Instance on AWS and want to have a web admin system like cyberpanel to administer it.

Can I install cyberpanel on an existing EC2 T2.medium instance without erasing what we already have on that instance or effecting how it currently runs? I just want to administer what we have on there. Not overwrite it or set up another instance.

If I have to set up another instance to install CP on it and then be able to administer the other original instance (the T2…Medium) that would be OK.

If you have docs explaining this process that would be great.
Thanks again

if your instance is clean (freshly installed OS) then you can install CyberPanel on it.

OK, so thats answered my question. You can’t install a version of cyberpanel on an existing instance.
I’ll check out Plesk I guess and uninstall the subscription on AWS.

Can I suggest you add this to your docs as it’s been several frustrating hours and 2 days of waiting to find out that you can’t install on an existing lamp stack.

You can not install any control panel if some sort of LAMP stack is already installed be it cPanel or Plesk.

And you can install CyberPanel on an existing fresh instance using this guide → Installing CyberPanel - CyberPanel