Can I check Disk space and RAM from within CyberPanel

Can I check Disk Space (Used/Available) and RAM from within CyberPanel - apart from looking at the % Used graphic.
I have upgraded my server and want to make certain that it now reflects the larger disk space allocated.

Thank you.


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if im not wrong. there is no live stats (yet) at cyberpanel

right now to get those stat i use htop
and for the traffic i use iftop and iptraf-ng
and rite now im trying to create php script that get result and “print” it at GUI mode, but it run outside cyberpanel.
the bad things are, that script vulnerable lol

Hi, Thanks for that. I must encourage you to continue you work into a secure script that might be able to become a part of CyberPanel. I am going to look into it as well and will let you know if I have success.
Cheers, Edward