[BUG] Redirect when access port 8090 to phpmyadmin and not a panel

just wait for developer

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This why allways I take snapshot before update.

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MySQL crash after upgrade
solution reboot :frowning:

i dont have free snapshot slot lol

It cost penny if you delete right after…

yeah… i just ask my provider… they provide hourly snapshot now (they forgot to put visibility option for that :frowning: )
now i can take snapshot for hourly

right now i just sit tight waiting this fix :frowning:


domain failed enter panel
@usmannasir @shoaibkk

It stills works the websites etc I mean, but we cannot access the panel. Waiting for the fix!!

I have same issue!! :confused:

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same prolem

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Temporary solution


another new feature

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Same here, showing phpmyadmin instead of cyberpanel login.

Did clean install on Almalinux VPS.

Try delete /usr/local/CyberCP/public/index.php


yes same issue!! :confused:

same issue @usmannasir

Here the same problem… my 3 servers have the issue.

PHPmyadmin in 8090 and Page not found in phpmyadmin (link)

Rollback snapshots and voila!!! normal again.

Please @usmannasir look in new versions this a big problem many clients and many responsabilyties…


Update your cyberpanel…

great… now it’s not even loading on 8090… i’m getting an infinite loading screen…

edit: It took forever but seems ok now.

working smooth here… just open this first


When go to phpmyadmin from the admin panel, it shows an error: Not Found The requested resource was not found on this server.