bug list ( extra )

1 ) Reseller not able to see owned domains DNS records.
2 ) In DNS edit option should be available to modify records if required.
3 ) Space usage limit should be controlled like domain limit
4 ) Login as reseller , as client should help to work smoothly
5 ) Rename “Add domain” to “Add subdomain” to clear feature
6 ) Hide Option if hide / disallowed via ACL like - Package title is showing even if none of package option allowed to reseller to create.

Error like -
ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line 53: MySQL server has gone away ( many time during restoration )

Number 5 is one of those tiny fixes that would make a really big usability difference! :slight_smile:

5 ) Rename "Add domain" to "Add subdomain" to clear feature

May be not true, because you can add either subdomain or normal domain like hello.com too.

So @w3services

For your issues, I’ve to release an urgent package. Which fixes the bug number 1.

Rest of your points are mostly feature-requests which I will treat in next major release which is also not very far.

@usmannasir I shared comments from LSWS support team where they also accepted that FQDN can not be added as the subdomain.

Give that control but lets admin can control it not a reseller.

After making these changes … it will store data in a good way and not like domain under the domain and all.

That’s my point.


Don’t disagree with you, but we’ve 1000s of users using that feature with OpenLiteSpeed already which have no limitation and is completely free.

You can create ACL and make sure that it does not have ability to create packages. Taking away ability from default reseller acl can cripple other things inside the system, which is why those 3 acls can’t be edited.

So if the ACL have all the features of reseller acl minus creating packages, that is what you want I suppose.

Still end users can’t add FQDN if packages have it disabled.

Main point I want to convey is that CyberPanel was first made on OpenLiteSpeed then later LiteSpeed Enterprise was added.

For your issues, I’ve to release an urgent package. Which fixes bug number 1.

It’s not fixed. My reseller is still not able to get all website DNS in the droplist.


Reseller can list following sites:

  1. Sites directly owned by reseller.
  2. Sites owned by users created by reseller.

They can not list all the sites.