[BUG] Certificates are regenerated every 7 days

In fact, it’s for this reason that many people (including me) still use and prefer CyberPanel, because it integrates completely and by default with OpenLiteSpeed and that’s a perfect fit. :slight_smile:

But yes, in aaPanel you will rarely have problems with basic web server functions and features.

I hope it helps you decide the best option. Or use both and test them out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation.
I don’t have any prior knowledge about VPS that’s why simple things are complex to me.
I’ll stick with Cyberpanel on my current server.
Will explore others in another server including CWP control panel.

Activeness wise I am most active on Facebook personally, however, it does not mean that this platform is left completely unattended. We’ve members of our core team plus other great contributors here including @shoaibkk @josephgodwinke

Regarding the SSL bug, you don’t know that I was actively involved in that issue on the github, I believe the discussion is 100+ comments. There were two problems and initially 1 was solved and second one was the SSL regeneration, which is my bad as I overlooked this part.

Regarding the FTP backup bug, I would request you to create a git issue.

Regarding Pro and Free, the free version of CyberPanel have many features that covers almost everything as you may already know.

And for me the best way to report actual bugs will be github. For discussing non bug related issues this community and facebook group serves the purpose well.

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You can also just run the upgrade which will take care of it.

As soon as there’s some free time I’ll do this, I’ll set up a test environment and simulate the FTP/SFTP destination setup and get as many details as possible.

I already have an idea why the error happens, it has to do with a self-signed certificate on the server side. But I’ll send the details over there.

Thanks dear.

@usmannasir As a beginner I’m using Cyberpanel with a lot of stress.
I know its because of my knowledge.

However, I have a pre-sell question about All Addons (One-time payment).

Is this purchase bound with my server IP or my user account on Cyberpanel?
Asking As a beginner, I’ll explore more and more servers and I may not use my current server in the future.

The last update you did and all my customers’ SSL services were canceled just to force us to do that thing called SSLV2 just to make money. Where did you get the right to do this? Moreover, new SSL cannot be issued, it constantly crashes. You did this on purpose, and it’s just not fair.

I’ve mentioned many a times in my tutorials, comments, videos that you need to have knowledge about linux and bit of sysadmin stuff to use CyberPanel.

If you don’t have that, it is upto you. But I am very clear about that.

All Addons (One-time payment) - This is bound to IP, once purchased you can deploy as many accounts/sites.

Again not true.

The 2 issues I mentioned above were before v2.3.4 was released and were taken care by me, you can see github. All the code is for you to see online.

Although I do agree that there was an issue which needs addressing, and I’ve explained the details of that above.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The certificates are no longer regenerated, the first goal has been achieved. One annoying thing remains, at least for me, the e-mails that arrive anyway: “Failed to obtain SSL, issuing self-signed SSL for:” . In total I receive 15 of them, which isn’t a lot but not a few either, but it’s still 15 e-mails that serve no purpose. Can something be done about this? Thanks

I switched from aaPanel to CyPanel because those ‘basic resources’ didn’t work without problems.

Hello, really after they started “charging for almost everything”… aaPanel has never been the same.

The funny thing is that, in order to charge, logically it should be higher, however, it’s been the opposite there, getting worse and worse.

I’m still using Cyberpanel in several projects, as well as FastPanel as well, however, for high demand and production projects, I use cpanel. :slight_smile:

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