[BUG] Certificates are regenerated every 7 days

I also followed this post,

, but nothing every 7 days is regenerated.
Is there any way to stop it completely?

we are working on ssl and also SSL v2 will also be there soon we already pushed all updates in v2.3.4-dev and will be available in normal update as well

Thank you Shoaibkk.

So you confirm that there is currently this problem: every 7 days certificates are regenerated.

There is currently no alternative process that avoids this problem?

Thanks again

This is also happening to me in version 2.3

I have the same version myself. Have you found a way to stop regeneration? What happens to me is that even if I comment in the cron job what is supposed to be the item that requests a certificate update, it still keeps asking for certificates every 7 days. Thanks

its already fixed in v2.3.4-dev
Either you can update to the above development version (which is running very fine) or wait for stable release.

I thank you for your answer. That’s what I was looking for.

I would like to take advantage of your patience for a moment. The version of cyberpanel I have in use is 2.3. Do you have any way of turning over to me the instructions for upgrading (if possible) to the beta you mentioned?
I saw this post:

I am not very familiar with the issue.
Thank you very much

I am sorry to say that the problem persists.
Do you have any other solution to suggest?

Yes this issue is NOT fixed at all even in release 2.3.4, I am running the latest release and mine are still renewing every 7 days, what is going on? why is the team lying that the issue is fixed when it’s not

If you have an issue, then why not reading? cyberpanel/renew.py at v2.3.4 · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub

also share the error log here which is related to the SSL renew.

On the server, this file is located at


Best of luck.

If the team is saying the issue is fixed in 2.3.4 then I shouldn’t have to do anything right? obviously the problem isn’t fixed like the team is saying, instead of patching things, the main problem should be addressed so this isn’t happening

The patching thing can be reported to developer instead of saying that issue persist.

How many time you have shared logs, remaining days in expiry, SSL type etc?

You are only reporting issue is persist, right?

Thanks for the suggestions. I will see if I can share with you some of the log files you have indicated. The peculiarity is that it happens every 7 days

It is clear that they are slowly forcing a Pro activation.

Cyberpanel is being abandoned in basic functions and they do not give a damn, proof of this was this latest update. But I personally find a great lack of consideration for the community, which has given the panel notoriety.

Admittedly, they must have pro plans, to bill something and keep the project, but abandoning the community is a shot in the foot.

If you don’t have enough experience to fix the bugs by yourself, it’s best to use versions like aaPanel, CloudPanel, WEbAdmin, or CWPanel.

I left a feedback here and they didn’t even have the decency to comment:

Completely untrue.

One thing that is true: I don’t actively respond here but I am mostly active on our Facebook community. I also actively respond on Git as well, this issue was originally reported here: https://github.com/usmannasir/cyberpanel/issues/1044

But I just found out today that we are were looking at a wrong renew command.

I’ve just fixed this, the SSL was getting regenerated every 7 days due to this line cyberpanel/IncScheduler.py at 1ac841449eb3aabac68a4a2548b07a6cd502df2f · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub

I also missed that because I was also checking into our main renew.py file. Anyways, this has been resolved by this commit: bug fix: resolve ssl reissue after every 7 days · usmannasir/cyberpanel@2b7c810 · GitHub

And I’ve also confirmed it on my test server.

Rest of what you said is not true, as I can’t keep my eyes on all the avenues where people discuss CyberPanel issues, however, my main prority always remain to keep all the functions of CyberPanel working properly.

Apart from that sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Hello, about the idea of community abandonment, I may have been too quick to say this, but there are details that make us believe that it is, at times.

Before answering the main subject, I want to make it clear that your work is incredible and even with CyberPanel containing common bugs I still prefer it, because I can fix most common problems myself, but others cannot. In addition, I also want to make it clear that it is very fair to have Pro options and ways to monetize, after all, it takes a lot of work to maintain this.

About the common bugs reported, the main ones I see here are related to the SSL Bug renewing every 7 days and the problem of creating the FTP/SFTP destination for sending backups outside the server. Other than these I can’t experience any other bugs, the panel works perfectly.

These 2 Bugs mentioned above are the only problems that I reported and that I often see here, hence the idea that it would have been abandoned, because it seems to be simple Bugs and features that should be standard and active for the community, but were or are present so far (SSL I don’t know, but the “FTP destination” problem in “Common Backup” still persists).

And another point, which is exactly why there is confusion here, you ask to report a bug on github, but not everyone knows how to do this. Another detail is that when problems are sent here, some people respond to solve them using non-standard CyberPanel options and this is what makes the community feel bad. I believe that the vast majority, when they choose to use a panel, they don’t know or don’t want to have to go to the terminal and screw everything up.

I know there are many devs here or advanced users who can deal with problems like this easily, but the vast majority are ordinary users and they have no idea how to solve it, and worse, they follow superficial tips here and in the end it ends up making the problem worse.


For OpenSource Free version:

I believe that leaving the basic things of the Web server working and security dependencies and basic backups (more functional) and systems compatibility and standard and updated dependency versions would be enough for everyone who starts with Free or those who are even learning or doing tests.

About Pro options:

I definitely support this and I believe that everyone else who uses it professionally does too, it’s more than fair, or rather, it’s absolutely necessary to monetize, after all if a person wants more advanced and professional features, they should definitely pay for it. Mainly because this encourages better development, optimizations and the panel’s own maintenance.


So that ordinary people who are not devs (don’t know how to report on GitHub) can report real BUGS with the necessary attention, I believe there could be an area here where reports could be made and that can be seen by you. This would be very helpful.

That’s all, thank you for your attention.

Thank you for your attention. I will go and replace ‘sslUtilities.issueSSLForDomain(childDomain, admin.email, childPath)’ as you indicated and then report back my feedback.

As a beginner, I already tried with cyberPanel.
Community stands for bonding, I believe most of the users will look into the community to check how helpful it is and also believe they don’t even hesitate to pay if they found the community helpful.
And looking for an alternative and a few of person suggested me to move on aaPanel.
Thanks @pryce for raising this issue.

Hi, I suggest it because I use several panels and in aaPanel the basic and essential resources for a web server that meets most needs, work without problems.

However, remember that aaPanel is also paid for advanced features.

Another detail is in terms of performance, CyberPanel is faster because it integrates OpenLiteSpeed by default, not aaPanel, you need to configure it as a complement.

aaPanel basically serves more for environments where several technologies run on the same server.

If you are a beginner, you will certainly have less headache in aaPanel, however, Cyberpanel is still faster. Let this be clear. :slight_smile: