Bug Addin a domain

there is a bug adding new domains,

you have the option to select install a SSL in a new domain so it always fail since to install the new SSL it need to verify the domain point to the server.

that option SSL need to be removed from add domain so it not fail. and just be added inside panel when customer enter the domain and just add a SSL like in cPanel.

also it fail but still add the domain not showing it. need to be fix.

Not a bug, looks like you tired to issue SSL many times and it hits the Lets Encrypt limit. You need to wait.

Also if you try to issue SSL without DNS being pointed to server SSL will not work, you will end up reaching the limit.


it is a bug, to add a new domain is not suppose to have the SSL option there is suppose to be in the panel after the domain is added. this confuse customers

also it give error and not showing it confusing even more.

You want to remove SSL option when domain was created, where can we set that option then?

Usually if domain is not pointed, they can uncheck the option.

Do you want system to take care of it?

Not sure if I understand you correctly.

This is absolutely not a bug, there should be the choice to enable SSL when creating a site or not.

If it is confusing then maybe there could just be a note next to the option checkbox telling users not to enable it until DNS is pointed to the server.

HI Mysterious,

you are correct adding the note will make the different here.

but the error showed when create the domain need to be improved since is not clear now.