Backups in /home/[site]/backup/ filling up disk space


I believe the only backup I’ve been able to successfully configure is Google Drive backups. SFTP via OpenSSL is incompatible with Synology’s implementation. The S3-style providers we use are not AWS, as as such seem unsupported currently by Cyberpanel. I’d be interested in custom S3 Provider support in the future where we can specify endpoint, access key and secret key. For what it’s worth, I am a ‘premium’ subscriber, that is I purchased the All Addons package.

My issue is that I noticed disk space has been impacted significantly, and it looks like .tar.gz files in the /home/[site]/backup directories are taking up most of it. It would seem that once backups are uploaded to Google drive they are not being removed. However, this may be due to me running out of Google Drive storage which Cyberpanel correctly logged. Is it possible that when the drive backup fails it’s not deleting the backup file?

I’ll work on the storage space issue, but I wanted to bring this issue to the developers attention.