Backup to QNAP not working (Normal Back up)

Hi Guys im new here.

I want to send my backups from Cyberpanel 2.1 to my QNAP (TS-859U-RP+).

In Cyberpanel → Back up → Add/Delete Destination I successfully created a SFTP connection with a destination path to a specific folder in the NAS (cloudbackup\MyCloud).

Then I went to Schedule selected a destination and made the job for making a backup once a week.

And know the problem im facing, after running the backup the QNAP is getting a RAM disk error. I have been looking around, somewhere along the road during the backup Cyberpanel and the QNAP have trouble finding the path. And the QNAP will store all the dat into his RAM disk. That’s what I found on the internet but no solution. And also the QNAP hasn’t been running for a couple of weeks, when i look in de log in Cyberpanel it’s saying backup successful, thats also really strange.

Also when a want to make a manual backup, there is only the option for a local backup. I think that’s the option “Home” means. Its the only destination option for me.

I have been looking around for solutions, but i can’t find any. So here i am, I hope you can help me out, i got the feeling i overlooked something stupid. But i have been trying and trying and im not seeing it.

Do cross check if the path you specified in QNAP has proper permission levels or else the backup files wont be pushed there due to permission issue.