Backup script: rclone

Hello all,

It seems one of the limitations of CP is the lack of backup to remote locations and also frequency of backups being limited to daily or weekly, etc. Some people need backups every hour, or 4 hours, or 6 hours, etc.

I have found RCLONE which is a mature syncing / backup software which supports over 40 different storage providers, including OneDrive, Google Drive, S3, Backblaze, Dropbox, SFTP, etc.

What I propose is, with the help of this great community, we combine our knowledge to create a community based backup script which can do the following:

Create full & incremental, rotating backups which leverages off the CP backup scripts which can sync remotely using RCLONE to any of the 40+ supported remote storage systems.

Who is in?

I like.

I can aid on the backend server procedures, but the gui integration with cyberpanel sadly I’m not very good with, so perhaps someone could assist there.

For the incremental part, I believe cyberpanel already uses restic.
Yet for the integrations you mentioned, like google drive, it should be remade from scratch.