Backup & Cyberpanel web access to restricted domain / TLS


We do ecommerce and we trust in cyberpanel and litespeed, we never had this speed before. We understand cyberpanel is still in development and improving, so we note some problem, we put 2 of them here 1/ & 2/ , for other problem, were can we share you them so to help you improve cyberpanel?

1/ We have a backup external server and it’s not Amazon web service we want to configure the backup with OVH, they recommand by default to use ncftp command and not sftp to connect and do the copy/past & file work.
How can we configure backup then ? By sftp it can’t connect to the backup server. We think there is a security layer that block sftp use on the backup server.

2/ We can access to cyberpanel admin panel with 8090 port, and to all of our website installed we just have to type our domain name like domain.ext:8090 ; add the :8090 to access the cyberpanel admin, we want a dedicated domain for the cyberpanel admin only, and without any port, like cyberpanel.domain.ext and then restrict the access to this domain only + add TLS. How can we do that ?


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You should create incremental backups that store your data locally and create a cronjob that transfers your backups to your backup storage using curl or lftp