Backup and Restore ot working v 1.8.9

I just upgraded to 1.8.9 hoping it will fix the backup issue. The same problem on backup issue i encountered earlier still remains for me.


  1. Ubuntu 18.04.2
  2. Cyberpanel 1.8.9

Steps to replicate the problem:

  1. Choose a site and back up.

  2. After completed status shows up, check the backup file and directory appear using File Manager. (Yes, they are there)

  3. Proceed to restore menu.

  4. Choose a site, but nothing shown in the pull down list.

I further tried to check user ACL permissin:
Try to list user => nothing

Same behavior on 2 seperate Servers on Digital Ocean, one was just recently installed a week ago.

Does cyberpanel 1.8.9 works properly on Ubuntu?


This is not a bug. Backups can be restored only from the directory /home/backup.
Move your backup file from /home/domain/backup to /home/backup

Same discussion going on here → Normal Users cannot restore their own website from the backup they created? — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

And documentation is here → 1 - Backup/Restore - CyberPanel

Thanks. I read and missed that right infront of my face many times.

So there is one manual step: Launch FTP Client and move files.

Is there a techical concern backup process can’t move the file to /home/backup since it can accomplish much more complex work such as scan files, db, dns and zip?

Thanks guy, it’s a joy to use cyberpanel!

i read the doc again, i think why people miss that is the order of the steps.

“Place your backup files under /home/backup/” appear at step 2.

The first step is to choose the restore files with the screenshot.
So they fail to see the retore files and went troubleshooting, checking the files, unzip etc.