Automatically clean installation files after installation

My server doesn’t have a lot of space, only 20GB. After installing CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed, 28% of the server’s disk was used up.
When I checked in the CyberPanel folder size folder with the command “du -sh /usr/local/CyberCP/”, it used 796MB!
I check inside the “CyberCP” folder, there are a lot of folders containing add-ons that I don’t use but are still saved there. Even the “install” directory containing the installation file has not been removed, wasting space.
So please update, please clean up the installation folders / files, add-ons that the user is not using after the installation / update is complete.
P/s: If possible, clean up the OpenLiteSpeed ​​as well, Docs / Example files are usually not read directly on the user’s server but usually on the homepage or on the project website. Hosting it on the user’s server is usually not necessary.