Anyone got this?


explain, please?

i check from my server traffic …

if someone got this too then perhaps cyberpanel got injected some where ( i believe that cyberpanel clean)
this is empty server…

CYberPanel is up to date

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i think this is because the old ip’s user
i test another ip it not comeout…

i believe cyberpanel clean fast but still need attn about bug and glitch hahaa
no body perfect
so the product

I didnt understand the topic. What is the issue exactly?

i install fresh cyberpanel and check the traffic… it showing outgoing and incoming request from unknow host ip and domain…

not a big deal… but
I wonder if the developer knows if there is a line or two inserted by someone on github

That depends entirely on the IP address used along with the domain name if any.

For example, if one of your domain or IP is exposed to a major extent, there will be traffic from various bots and systems keeping a ping on these IP and domains (no matter where you host).

Its just a crawl and using cloudflare or WAF services will avoid/block these bots and unwanted traffic to some extent.

This is normal and just the way how internet and domains work.

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yeah… thank you…

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